Computer suddenly turned off and wont turn back on

05/17/2019 11:36 PM By Tech Pro Space

Computer Power Supply Issue?

Computer Power Supply

One word of caution before proceeding any further. Never open the power supply! They are cheap and replaceable. Your life is not. If you are not comfortable doing these steps. You should hire a professional repair technician. It is not recommended that an inexperienced user attempt to troubleshoot a power supply.

Case Scenario

While using your computer. You may have heard a pop or buzz sound coming from your computer. Then all of a sudden the screen goes dark and you notice there is no power to your computer. In some cases you may hear nothing. The first thing you do is hit the power button and the computer does not come on. So what do you do now?


  1. Power comes on, but nothing happens on screen
  2. Startup failures or lockups
  3. No case fans are turning on
  4. Only the CPU fan comes on
  5. The power supply fan is not coming on
  6. Possible burning smell or odd noises coming from the power supply

Computer Power Cable 

The first thing to check is the cable. Sometimes people kick them out of the wall socket. Over time they get unplugged from the wall or your surge protector. They even get pulled from the back of the power supply. You need to make sure its plugged into the wall, surge protector and power supply in the back of the computer. This should be easy to check before trying anything else. Then hit the power button. Nothing happens. Let us move on to the next check.

Surge Protector

Check the surge protector light switch. Determine if the light is on. You could have accidentally flipped the switch to off. Try turning it off and on. If there is no light. Then it could have done it's job and protected your equipment from a power surge. It could have failed as well. Switch it out with a different one if you have an extra one. You could temporary test it by plugging the computer into the wall outlet to see if it comes on. If it does then the surge protector is the issue. If not. Then we need to troubleshoot further.

Power Supply Problem

If you have reached this point. There are really only two easy ways to check this. You can take the existing one out and put the new one in. If the computer turns on. Then that was the issue. The other way is to buy a power supply tester. There are some pretty cheap ones out there. All you have to do is read the instructions and plug the power supply into the tester. Depending on the tester. It should tell you if its good or bad.

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