Do I really need an antivirus software?

11/15/2019 03:09 PM By Tech Pro Space

Do I really need an antivirus software?

It Depends

If your a home user. Then windows defender works fine for single computers at home. If your a business then no. It is not because its better. Its because business solutions have advanced features that IT departments need for management purposes. There are no management capabilities with Windows defender on the scale we need in business environments. Think about having to deal with 1k-3k computers. Not efficient or cost effective if we had to check every single machine to ensure its running properly.

Businesses have more to worry about

They have to worry about user data, security and privacy. So we have to follow certain rules and standards that regular home users do not need to worry about. That does not mean that home users should not be worried. It just means they only have to worry about their own data and not others. Business have a lot of customer data that has to be secured and protected.

Its one solution to security threats

Having an antivirus is just one part of the solution in cyber security. We use a multilayered approach because there is no one perfect solution to solve all your security needs. We build systems like a castle to defend against cyber threats.

Social Engineering is more dangerous

I consider social engineering the number one threat than anything else. Systems are hard to compromise. It also takes numerous times to penetrate multiple security systems. Not like in the movies. Humans are easier to con and the reward is faster. It takes a 10 minute phone call from a scammer to get you to pay them vs a week, month or year to compromise a system.

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