What are some Internet scams I should avoid?

01/17/2020 11:53 PM By Tech Pro Space

What are some Internet scams I should avoid?

Easy money 

There is no such thing as easy money. Have you ever made easy money? If easy money were real. We would all be rich. Someone promising easy money and all that they need is a small upfront payment is a scam. These types of scams can come from emails, phone calls and in person.

You won something

You get an email, mail or phone call that you are a winner. All you need to do is pay a small fee to collect. Classic scam. If you won it. Why do you have to pay a small fee? Always do your research and remember nothing is free.

Ask for help scam

You get an email or phone call. They say that they need your help because they lost their wallet. It had their money and legal documents to travel and are stuck in another country. They need your help to save them. They get you to wire the money and you never hear from them again. 

We are from Microsoft

You get a phone call and they claim they are from Microsoft. They tell you that your computer has a virus or something is wrong. We need to connect to your system to fix it. Then of course they ask for payment after the so called issue has been fixed. They will use fear to try to get you to allow them to connect to your system. They will fake issues, lock you out and break things. All to get you to pay.  No one from Microsoft will call you out of the blue. 

We are the IRS 

You get a call or email saying that you owe taxes and you need to pay now or face consequences. Know the IRS or any government body will never use threats to get you to pay money. You just need to tell them that you will look into it and hang up if you are on the phone. If its an email then just delete it.

We are calling you about your social security

Any kind of email claiming there is a problem and that you need to act now or face consequences is the first sign of a scam. Do not follow any link or enter your account and personal information. You can always call your local social security office for information. 

We found all your dirty little secrets

I compromised your system. You need to pay me or I will show everyone all the dirty little secrets. Don't freak out. Just ignore the email and delete it. Simple as that.

There are a lot of scams out there

Learn how to identify them. If they ask for money or your account details. Those are the first signs  Don't be afraid to say no and ask questions.