Companies that suffer a cyber attack can go out of business

07/01/2020 07:50 PM By Tech Pro Space


Things to keep in mind to protect your company

No one is invisible. We are too small for it to happen to us is a failed argument. It is only a matter of time when something will happen that brings your business to a halt.

They are looking to get paid fast

Hackers want fast cash

Cyber criminals are looking to get paid fast. The best and most effective method of attack is social engineering. Which is why it is important to train your users. No matter what system you have. It can fail if you do not train your users and make them aware of the threats out there.

The art of the con has always been around

con artist cyber criminal

Now it is just in digital form. There will always be groups of people trying to make money any way they can. Movies have made hacking look cool. The reality is they are cyber criminals run just like mafias 24/7 looking for the next quickest pay. They do not have time to break into systems like in the movies. Which is why social engineering is the most effective method of attack.

Make a living

Make money to live

What about the other side? Some of these people are just looking to make a living and have no choice. In these poorer countries it could be the only means they have to eat. Others do it for fun and mal intent. So not everything is black and white. Good or evil. So you have to think about why some of them do it.

The good hackers are intelligent

Good hackers are smart

They are people that study and are always learning right down to the details on how a system works. What are the flaws and how can I use the system in another way. Not someone in their mom's basements. This is a widespread myth. There are good and bad just like cops and robbers.

Nation state hackers

Nation State Hackers

They are sophisticated at what they do. They have an army of people whose mission is to compromise systems every day of the year. They steal companies data, proprietary designs, science and military secrets. Think corporate and government espionage. 

No one product solution

Products and services

There is no system that is 100 percent secure. You want to build security in layers and make it as hard as possible. Like building a castle. Eliminate as many attack vectors as possible and make it hard so they give up.

IT Budgets for the company

IT budgets

Spend the money on information technology for your company. I cannot tell you enough how many times cost has been a major issue. Businesses do not appear to understand that cyber attacks can bring you to a grinding halt until it is too late.

Ideas to get you started

Ideas to get you started

Have a backup disaster recovery plan in place. Replace old technology. Update and maintain your computer systems. Don't assume everything is secure. Have a checklist and check things out to ensure things are still the same or up to date to the latest standards.

Do you have the time?

Do you have the time?

Most cases businesses will not have time for this so you could hire a managed IT company. Probably save you time and money so that you can focus on growing your business. It is just best to let the professionals in IT handle it.

Level of your IT skills

IT Skill Level
There are different levels of IT knowledge. Knowing about computers does not mean one knows IT. It can be very complex and requires understanding on how to set things up correctly. There are standards and training that is required to learn. The most important skills is problem solving and researching the issues. You don't want to reinvent the wheel here. Chances are someone has already ran into the issue and fixed it.