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Financial Benefits of Managed IT Services

04/07/2022 04:35 PM By Vicente Agama

Financial Benefits of Managed IT services
You own a small business. You hired an IT person to handle your company's technology needs. Let us say that you have just discovered a virus on your computer.

You call up your IT support. Who then remotely accesses your computer and begins to deal with the problem.

This is a great short term solution, but what if the virus is not fixed? Or what if it comes back? Or what if another issue arises? Your problems persist.

Managed services can help with IT problems, such as downtime and security breaches. Instead of waiting for an issue to happen. They monitor systems 24/7 in order to prevent issues.

They provide on-call technicians with different areas of expertise, such as cybersecurity or networking.

A managed services provider can deploy an expert to help with almost any issues. The great thing about them is they charge a flat monthly fee instead of an hourly rate.

Which can save companies thousands of dollars in the long run.

Why Turn To Managed IT Providers In The First Place?

As a business owner you need to understand the importance of your IT systems for your company. Many companies hire an in-house IT support team for IT issues.

However, they are often not able to provide the level of service that most modern companies require.

Managed IT services can help fill this gap. They can step in and provide system management, network maintenance as well as offer 24/7 monitoring of your technology.

They improve efficiency and productivity

Managed IT services can improve your business efficiency by making sure your company has access to the latest technology and services.

In addition, they can help you improve your productivity by managing your IT and security.

Allowing you to focus on running your business.

They save time

When you outsource IT you save a substantial amount of time.

For example:

Consider the hiring and training process for an in-house IT employee. You are going to need several months to hire someone. Then you will have to spend an additional three or four months training and orienting the new employee.

With managed services in place you won’t have that problem.

The provider will already have a team of experts ready to take care of all the heavy lifting required. So that you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

Training and hiring employees can be a big responsibility for any business.

When you outsource your IT. You ensure your company can take advantage of the latest technologies without having to maintain them yourself.

If you have ever tried keeping up with changing technology trends. It can be difficult. Let a managed service provider worry about it for you.

While they deliver these solutions directly through their platforms at a fraction of the cost.

They help you avoid high costs on repairs and maintenance

Equipment and Software Costs

Maintaining a reliable IT system requires a substantial amount of money. Companies need to invest in equipment and software, which can be costly.

Lost Data Costs

There is no way to know how much data your company will lose until a problem occurs. It could amount to many months of hard work, or it could result in losing your largest client.

Downtime costs can be difficult to measure because it will depend on the type of problems you are having, but any amount of downtime is too much when you are trying to stay ahead of the competition.

Hiring Full-Time IT Staff Costs

Few companies can afford to hire full-time IT staff at the level they would require if they were maintaining their systems internally.

They also have annual training costs that come along with hiring skilled employees, as well as employee turnover costs if they leave or move on from the company.

They are more flexible and cost-effective than an in-house team

With an in-house IT team. You will have to pay salaries and time for training. By outsourcing your IT. You only pay for the services rendered.

They also offer more experienced techs who are more suitable for managing your IT operations.

As a business owner. Your budget does not allow you to hire top-tier technicians who can match the expertise of managed service providers.

As you continue to grow. A managed service provider will enable you to achieve your goals at a lower cost than if you do it yourself.

It is about offering solutions in real time

It is important that managed service providers offer solutions in real time. This is especially relevant in today's fast-paced world. In the past. If you had an issue with your company's technology.

You would have to get in contact with a technician and wait until they came out to your office to address the problem.

In recent years, there are a great number of remote assistance solutions that can be used to connect from anywhere at anytime.

Let us say that when you come into work on Monday morning and one of your employees informs you that their computer is not working. Rather than waiting for a technician to show up and take care of this issue.

A managed service provider could step in and fix it using remote control software. This can save both time and money compared to having someone come on site every time there is an issue.

This means less downtime for your employees as well as less travel expenses incurred by IT personnel. Who need access inside an office building or facility before they can do any work.

They provide better security

You can sleep at night:

Knowing that your IT security is being handled by the experts means you can spend less time worrying and more time focusing on your business. No matter how secure your systems are.

There is always a risk of a data breach. A managed IT service provider will stay up to date with the latest cybersecurity threats so that you do not have to. You get true peace of mind knowing that your data is safe.

You avoid the hassle of a data breach:

A data breach costs an average of one to two million to recover. It can take months on average to discover and contain not including the potential loss of revenue or reputation damage that comes with it.

When it comes to data breaches. There are also legal fees and regulatory fines to deal with. Your systems are offline for repairs or replaced entirely if they cannot be repaired. That is a headache no one wants.

You avoid the costs of a data breach:

Without expert assistance from a managed service provider. You will need outside help. In addition to internal resources dedicated toward recovery from a data breach.

These services can be expensive and it will be time-consuming to recover. The last thing any business wants is for its reputation and revenue to be affected by something preventable.

Managed services are a huge benefit to any businesses (large or small). You work hard to grow your business, don’t let technology hold you back!

Managed services are the easiest way to keep your IT secure and up to date. With a managed service provider. You can be assured that your IT is being monitored 24/7 for any potential problems or issues.

You can focus on growing your business and leaving the technology to experts.

Managed services provide flexibility for businesses that may have small budgets but large plans for growth. If you want to expand or grow but don’t know how your budget will allow it.

Our managed IT services are perfect for you. We provide great service no matter what size of business you have.

Eliminate the stress of IT issues with managed IT services. If an issue arises, we’ll be there to fix it right away without disrupting your workflow or slowing down production.

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