How to find list of installed programs on windows 10

03/16/2019 10:57 AM By Tech Pro Space

What is installed on my computer?

Check Installed Programs on Windows

You want to know what is installed on your computer? Then you need to know where to look. Follow the steps to find out.

Start Button

Windows 10 Start Button

Everyone should know what the start button looks like. Believe it or not. Most don't know where it is on windows 10. It is that little windows icon I highlighted in a red box down at the bottom left corner of your screen.

Start Menu

Windows 10 Start Menu

Now that you have located the button. If you click on it. You will see the windows 10 menu. You will see the windows 10 settings icon.  Click on it.

Settings Window

Windows 10 Settings Window

Now the windows settings should come up and you should see a list of apps that are installed. Click on it.

Apps & Features

Apps & Features Window

You can now search or scroll down the list of installed programs on your computer. You can check for odd programs or things you never installed before. Make sure that you research programs before removing them so that you don't end up removing software that is suppose to be there.

Why is it important to know this? Because you want to know what is installed on your computer. You also want to make sure that a program did install. You may have installed something you didn't intend to and you would like to remove it.

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