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How to setup Office 365 Shared Mailbox for help desk

04/14/2018 07:33 PM By Tech Pro Space

Email Setup For Helpdesk

Email Setup For Helpdesk

So I got an office 365 account and had some issues on deciding if I should use the groups or a shared mailbox since Microsoft wants us to use groups. They want to move away from distribution lists and recommend we use groups from what I read on their sites.

I tried groups but unfortunately it is only meant for teams. You are able to allow emails from outside the group, but you are not able to forward emails from it. So I was left with no choice but to use a shared mailbox for my ticketing system.

Steps on setting up a shared mailbox

You need to login as an admin to make these configurations.

Go to Admin Center.

Office 365 Admin Center

Click on Groups and select Shared Mailboxes. Then click add a mailbox

Office 365 Shared Mailboxes

type in your information and then click on add.

Office 365 New shared mailbox

Now you should have a shared mailbox. Simply double click on the account and it should open a side window. Where it says email forwarding click on edit and add the support email address you want to forward to. Then click close and your done. All you need to do is test to make sure it is working.

Office 365 shared mailbox created

That is how you create a shared mailbox and forward an email to your ticketing system. The account does not need a license. Which is a pro of using the shared mailbox for this case. Now emails sent to my support email address are going right into my ticketing system.