How to use Steps Recorder (PSR) in Windows

04/14/2018 08:58 PM By Tech Pro Space

Documenting your steps on windows

Steps Recorder Window

What is this tool? Well it is a great tool for creating documentation and troubleshooting issues. It allows you to record user actions on the computer.

Record your actions: You can essentially record what you or the user is doing on their computer when they hit the start record button. After you stop recording. It opens up a small report with screenshots on most of the actions that were taken. Like what was clicked, what was opened, what happened next and it even gives you additional details at the end of the report.

Step Recording options

Who can use it?

You can use it with programmers, engineers, support people or users so they can attempt to duplicate the issue. They can follow what you did saving you a ton of time instead of having to write it up and do screenshots into a word document.

How to access the too

The easiest way to get to this nice tool in windows 10 is to do a search from the search box by typing PSR.

Search for step recorder

One downside:  if you have a dual monitors or more setup. It will screenshot all the monitors and there is no way to set which one you want to screenshot. 

It is simple, easy to use, great for troubleshooting, documentation and a it's a time saver. You can have users open it. Do some actions and have them send you the zip file which is what it creates when you save the report. Try it out today and see what you think.