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Intel CPU Vulnerability

04/14/2018 06:49 PM By Tech Pro Space

Meltdown and Spectre

Motherboard and CPU
I am pretty sure not a lot of people have heard about the issue other than the tech community. You would think with the speed that information travels today. A lot more people would know. 

Bad news is most of the common users don't even have a clue of what happened. I myself find it a little hard to understand how the vulnerabilities work. It looks like you really have to know what your doing in order to exploit them.

They are called meltdown and spectre. It is being said that patches are on the way. From what is out there already they are saying that some cpu's might slow down by 30% due to those patches. At this point there seems to be a lot of uncertainty and lost trust among the community. 

I think the most effected will be google, Azure and AWS users of their services.  Regular users not so much. I guess the big question is how fixed will this get. Business are not about to go replace every single cpu out there. Neither are users. Its just not possible at this time. With time most will be gone as technology continues to advance.