Technology Plan For Small Business?

01/12/2019 10:53 PM By Tech Pro Space

Technology Plan for small business

Is having a plan really that important?

Do you have one? Do you follow it? Is it just another way for managed IT providers try to get more money from us?

If tomorrow you were hit with ransomware or a critical system goes down. How much is your business willing to lose in profit? A day, week or month? Look at it as a risk analysis like an insurance company would do.

Do you want to pay 10k a year in IT expenses to keep things secure and running properly? Would you rather lose 100k in that week alone? I would pay the 10k for sure. You want to analyze your cost of downtime and how much risk your willing to accept if something goes wrong.

I can do it myself and save money?

I run into numerous do it yourself or family members can do it for free situations. Free does end up costing you more. You lose time and productivity. You lose money. It is best to pay an IT company to manage your technology and create an IT plan that will work for your business.
If something happens and you end up calling an IT company to fix something. We end up tearing it out and it could take weeks. Especially now with covid-19. Where we are seeing low supplies in ordering equipment because of the high demand.

It is best to be proactive instead of reactive to keep things running smoothly. The problem with IT is its hard to see the benefits. It is hard to show and explain until something happens. When you do not see the issues. That means things are being maintained properly to ensure your business is up and running.

The downtime and cost of a breach. Heavily outweighs the cost of paying for a managed service provider. We ensure everything is running like a well oiled machine.

It is about fear and they are scaring me into it.

It is not about fear. Breaches are happening. That is a fact. This could and has put people out of business. We do not sell fear. We tell you straight out. If tomorrow you got hit or something critical went down. How much are you willing to lose in profit? It should be cost analysis. If you can live with a day, week or month losing money. Then you still need it. 

IT is not easy and you don't have the time to deal with it. Businesses need to decide on how much risk they are willing to take. Don't wait till something happens. Let us build a business plan that is right for you.


A customer refused for years. Hit with ransomware 3 times. Lost about 1/4 of a million in profit and down for a month. Everything had to be done by hand like in the old days before we had computers.


It would have cost way less if they had contracted an IT company that knows technology. We had to rebuild everything from scratch. No nickel and diming. We manage and monitor the most critical systems on the network. Guess what happened? Crickets. They have increased productivity. Now that they are not constantly putting out fires they can focus on their business.

Convincing businesses to see the light.

Most businesses do not have the time to deal with technology. They decide to wing it and hope for the best. The IT systems that run our businesses are a lot more complex than most think.

We can manage, monitor and maintain IT systems for our clients. Build the right IT solutions for your business. Nothing is 100% secure or fool proof, but having a plan gets you up and running as fast as possible. In order to minimize downtime and losses.


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