Microsoft Account vs Local Account on Windows 10

14.04.18 19:05:19 By Tech Pro Space

When setting up a new PC

    This question comes up a lot by users. Here is the scenario. I just got a brand new windows 10 computer. You get to the setup part where it asks if you want to use a Microsoft account or local account. Now your left wondering what that is all about.

This has become standard since windows 8 and now windows 10. Where Microsoft now allows you to use an existing account such as email. So now you’re wondering. Is that even secure? It depends as long as you don't share your email password and have a strong one. I mean who does that right? That is the last thing you want to do. Especially if you have a tech or a family member accessing your computer. They now have access to everything that account is linked too. One of the big no's is not to share your email password with any one.

Now some might find it convenient to use a Microsoft account because it syncs up with apps they most commonly use. In most cases business don’t allow this anyways. I think the danger is still to great because email accounts can be hacked. So, before you continue to use your Microsoft account. You might want to weigh in the pros and the cons before you get further connected to where it will be hard to go back. There are apps, programs and services that are way better at keeping everything in order and synced.

The pros are it is convenient to sync up with apps and have everything in one place and some apps even require a Microsoft account to even work. I tend to stay away from apps like that. If you use the apps from Microsoft, then this is for you. If not, then maybe you should use a local account.

The cons are the potential for your email to be compromised and you may even use more complex passwords to secure your email and then you lose the password. Let’s face it. We use passwords we can remember and not 12-20 letters and specials characters. Some data is even collected and sent to Microsoft on your habits.

What about local accounts. I believe they are more private and secure because you are using a separate password that is not connected to anything else other than your computer when you login. Assuming you even use a password. Yes, computers get compromised but the risk vs an email getting compromised is way less.

The good news is if you did use a Microsoft account you can switch it back and forth to a local account later. If your using this computer for business. I recommend you test to make sure it works with the programs you plan to install on your system to make sure they work. It is always a good idea to test when moving to a new computer especially if it’s for your business.