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Should your business upgrade to windows 11?

12/10/2021 05:40 PM By Vicente Agama

I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines. The new version of Windows is here and you’re suddenly faced with a big decision. It may be an important decision, but you do not need to decide now.

Get familiar with the benefits

The good news is that Windows 11 is a big step forward from previous versions. It has many useful features for business owners and employees.

A few good reasons why people should upgrade to Windows 11 include better security, operating system enhancements, and productivity improvements.

A key selling point for Windows 11 is its integration with other Microsoft products. If you're more and more using the cloud you will probably want to know more about Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Azure Services and Office 365.

Passwordless authentication (Check out Yubikey). Microsoft is working toward making it easier for people to log into their Windows 11 computers. It will allow them to access their computers without having to enter a password. Doing so would make the computers more secure for companies and their employees.

Improved interface, dark mode, more unified windows settings in a single windows pane, and windows explorer improvements to the menu.

Ask your managed services provider

Don't be shy about asking questions of your managed IT services provider. They are there to help you. They should be actively testing windows 11 because its not going anywhere and is here to stay. They should be testing in their environment as well as their customers.

Once the current versions of the operating system for your computers are no longer supported. It is time to start thinking about upgrading your systems. Not only will this increase security. It will also increase productivity for you and your employees.

Is your hardware compatible with Windows 11?

You can use the windows checker and it will tell you if your computer is ready.

The biggest deciding factor will be whether or not your computer has TPM 2.0. If it does not. You will have to buy new computers, and that could be costly if you are not ready to upgrade all your systems.

If your business runs entirely online

You use services online to run your business. Because your business lives in the cloud, there is no need to run any special software. This makes transitioning much easier.

If you have software or specialized software for your business that relies on vendors to run important services. if you have special equipment used by your company. it will take time for vendors to upgrade, test, and approve for use with windows 11 .

You shouldn't be tied down to your desk so much anymore

Microsoft is making windows 11 more cloud ready for companies. This will save you a lot on the cost of on premise infrastructure. The one down side is that you are dependent on having an internet connection.

The idea of working from anywhere at any time provides flexibility for people. This means you can work on your computer from anywhere and access almost any service that is available online. Thanks to the internet, most of your work tools are available from anywhere you have an internet connection.

This is especially true as the world has changed because of covid-19. A lot more companies are choosing to work from home. Which has opened the talent pool to anyone around the world.

Cloud services have become a popular way of storing files, using apps, and collaborating with others. The data is not stored on your computer or server, but rather online. The benefit is that you can access this data from any device with an internet connection.

Be strategic about your upgrades

When deciding whether to buy a new system, you should focus on your company's needs. In business, you should always look for opportunities to increase your profits while also keeping an eye on improving operations with technology.

There is no doubt, the latest Windows 11 will transform the digital landscape.

Windows 11 is here to stay and at some point. You will need to upgrade once the previous windows 10 is no longer supported.
Microsoft will continue to add new features that will help with collaboration and productivity with their products. Ensure you check out those features and how it will benefit your business.

You may have heard a lot of negatives about upgrading to windows 11, but don't let that stop you. If you do not have time to research your options, then you may want to consider outsourcing this responsibility to a managed services provider.

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