The new windows 10 April Update 

05/01/2018 12:54 AM By Tech Pro Space

I Tried A Few Options

windows update welcome screen

List of features I found after the update:

Return to Past Activities: You'll be able to continue your recent activities instantly from your timeline. It looks like the button was added right next to the folder icon on your Taskbar. At least that is where mine is located at.  You can also use the windows logo key + tab to activate it. I found this to be a nice feature I liked. I will like to see how this will help me in my day to day office activities.

Windows search bar

Microsoft Experience On Your Phone: Not sure many people would probably want this or even use it. You can go into the google play store and get what they call the Microsoft Launcher. I installed it and tried it out. I can't say I liked it much. This is going to depend on your personal preference. I think I will keep my pixel XL Launcher for now.

Share A Picture with A Nearby Device: This is pretty much straight forward. You right click on a file and you should see a share option. You can email or install Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. You can also look in the app store for apps that may use this feature.

Switch Between Phone and PC: This another one of those personal preferences. I am not sure people are going to integrate their phones with their computers. You need to sign into your Microsoft account and add your phone in order to use this feature. 

Emoji From Your Keyboard: Who couldn't use more emoji's, I just wish the keyboard shortcut wasn't windows logo key plus the period. It will probably another forgot or unknown keyboard shortcut that most users won't probably use. I could be wrong. I will have to wait and see if it will be useful for things like social media when posting.

windows 10 emoji's

Talk Instead of Typing: We pretty much know where the trend is going. At some point in the future it will all be voice as they improve more and more over time. Keyboards may disappear one day. You may still see them for manual overrides in the future. Obviously you will need a microphone to use this feature. 

Focus Assist: Another tile added to the action center called focus assist. It helps you by not being bothered by other notifications. You can go to your action center or you can right click on your desktop and go to display settings. You will see focus assist in the list. You can turn it off and get all your notifications or ones by priority. You can even do automatic rules. Somewhat interesting. I like my notifications, but we have all been there when you are deep in thought and then a notification comes at the worse time to break your concentration. So not a bad feature.

Focus Assistant

Pin Frequently Used Sites: This is pretty straight forward. Assuming you use Microsoft Edge. You have the option to pin the page you are on to the taskbar.

So there you have it. A few features that are nice. I think the most useful one will be the the timeline. I am really looking forward to using that one in the office. As far as connecting my phone. I think I will pass on that for now. So far nothing broke on my computer. The upgrade went smooth without issue at least for me it did on one computer. We will see on the other computers I need to install the upgrade on.