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Why do you need an SSD drive?

04/14/2018 07:14 PM By Tech Pro Space

Replace HDD with SSD Laptop or Desktop

SSD Drive

If people only realized just how much time is wasted booting up a pc and how slow programs are running. That at one point you would just leave it on because it took so long to come back up or you had to wait for the program to load up. Good news is SSD (solid state drive) have come down in price compared to 5 years ago.

There are tons of deals on SSD. So start shopping for one and make sure you computer has the necessary connections for it. Chances are if your computer is only 3 or 5 years old. It will have the SATA connections you need.

Some of the newer motherboards have the m.2 connections to where you can just plug it into your motherboard. Saves time and space because you don't have to deal with running cables through your case. Which sometimes can be a pain. Especially if you computer case is small, but SSD drive are even smaller than the old platter drives.

The old platter drives still have there place in the IT environment. Since SSD have gotten bigger in size and they are getting cheaper. If you install an SSD in your computer. It will feel like new. You can clone your old drive to the SSD . Most come with software and instructions on how to do this. You can find many how to videos on YouTube.

In conclusion, if your thinking about one you should get one. They are durable because they have no moving parts. You can either do it yourself or have someone help you install one. Save yourself some time by speeding up that computer with one. You won't regret.