Why you need a password manager

07/02/2020 03:59 PM By Tech Pro Space

Password Managers

To many to remember

Passwords notebook
In today's digital ocean. We are constantly creating accounts. Everyone you ask has an account for something. Social media, banking, IT systems, etc.

How are we going to remember it all? At some point you are going to end up locking yourself out as you create more accounts.

Increase your security

Increasing Security
You want different unique passwords for all your accounts. Most people will reuse the same password for everything for convenience.

 If one account is compromised. Then you will need to change all your passwords. You do not want to reuse compromised passwords even if you alter it a little. They will be somewhere on the internet. You just never know until something happens. So avoid reusing them.

I have notes everywhere

Computer & Sticky notes
You lose them or half the time it is not the right password for the account you are looking for. 

Do not use sticky notes on the wall or monitor because anyone can see the passwords. You are going to run out of space and have a giant wall of paper collecting dust.

They are harder to update because you need a new one every time. They tend to have incomplete information since most will just take some notes. The writing will be hard to read. Try to avoid paper and sticky notes because you will have a collection of them everywhere.

This is where a password manager will help. You can put your user account name, password, link and notes for any of your accounts all in one central location.

What plan do I get?

Service Plans
It depends. If you are an individual starting to struggle and you want to increase your security. There are personal and family plans that are affordable. You can choose who you want to share with or give access to certain members in your family. 

If your a business. Then get the plans for you and your team. It will make things easier to manage so they do not have to keep asking for passwords. That alone will save you time in the office. You can provide the right permissions to your team since they do not need every password you have. Only give them access to what they are authorized for. 


Customer Trust
I do not trust these companies with my password or information. By design it should be encrypted and only you will have access to the data with your master password. It is important to find and research companies on how their system works.

What happens if I lose my master password?

Data Loss
If you lose it. They cannot recover your data. It will be lost forever. So it is important that you read on how to set up your recovery options in case you need it. So that you, your family, or anyone can legally recover the password when needed. 

Final thoughts

Final thoughts
Get a password manager for you, family or business. They help you stay secure and you only need to remember your master password. You can share with your family or team. Give them access to only what they need. It will save you time and make management easy for you.