Windows 10 KB4023057 Issue

17.01.19 11:34:51 By Tech Pro Space

Windows Update just tried and failed to install "KB4023057"

If you are like many users today. I just got the failed to install KB4023057 and if you retry. It will still say it failed to install the update. This update was previously released before and it appears to be causing issues today.  Even though It doesn't seem to be causing any computer problems. It's still pretty annoying to have an update fail since it maybe a dependency for future updates. The irony is according to Microsoft's documentation its suppose to improve reliability of windows updates.

How to fix the issue

  • Go to windows Start Menu
  • Click on the Settings icon
  • You should now be in windows settings
  • Go to Apps
  • Type in the search box KB4023057
  • click on it to uninstall
  • Then go back into windows updates and retry.
  • It should work now.

That is all you have to do to fix the problem. If your looking for IT services. Feel free to contact us today!

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