Working From Home Tools

04/11/2020 06:05 PM By Tech Pro Space

Work From Home Tools

Here is a good list of things to have.

Why would you want to work from home in the first place? There could be many reasons. Your office burned down. You like working extra hours at home so its convenient. Perhaps a global crisis or a natural disaster has happened. We now have the technology to work from home.

A dedicated workspace

You need to have a space just for you. An area that lets you feel like you are at the office. You can place items or things that make you feel comfortable. Things that can help you focus. You do not want to be too relaxed. You want to be free of distractions and productive. Remember this space is your work zone and you want to get things done. You want a desk, an office chair and your computer to be your main items.

A computer

You want a work computer. Not an entertainment machine. It can be a laptop or desktop. You want to ensure they have good specs. The most important things to consider. When getting a computer is the amount of memory and type of hard drive.
How much memory? Most modern laptops have 6GB of memory, but get at least 8GB or more if you can. For a desktop. You should get at least 8GB or more. The more you have. The more multitasking you can do if you like to have numerous programs open.
What type of hard drive? The type of drive you want to look at is a solid state drive (SSD). Most new computers come with them. You can get a 250GB drive or more. Now with cloud storage. You may not need a bigger drive than that. The size will depend on what you are going to be saving on the computer.
What about a graphics card? Most laptops come integrated and can handle day to day operations. The only time I would ever consider an expensive one. Is if you are doing heavy graphics designs like video games or video editing. Always check the requirements for the software that you will be using. It will dictate what graphics card you need.
What about a monitor? For laptops I like to have at least 15 inches or above. You want to insure you can read comfortably without straining your eyes. If its for a desktop. I was a big fan of two monitors. Then I tried a widescreen 34 inch monitor that works great for readability. You could also get a 24 inc one if you are on a budget.

A good internet connection

Most do not know what type of internet they have. It is important to know what you have. What options are available in your area. How much you can afford or want to spend. You can find a speed test website where it will give you the information. On who your ISP is. What your upload and download speeds are. It can depend on your area. If your in the city most of the time there are many options. If you are out in the country. There will be less and slower options.

Video conferencing and chat apps

There are many options available. You have zoom, slack, Zoho Cliq or connect and Microsoft teams. Most are easy to use but could be a challenge to set up. Some may have a hard time learning how to use them. It is important to learn and train your team. So they know how to collaborate remotely with one another when the need arises.

Earphones or a headset

These can get costly or cheap. It depends on what you want to spend. You also want to know what type of connection it has. You can either get a USB or headphone jack. The USB ones tend to be more expensive. They are the most used because USB ports are common on computers. Headphone jack types are cheaper, but they are disappearing.

Self-discipline and a healthy, productive mindset

Remember you are there to work. Your mind needs to be in work mode. That does not mean you can't be relaxed. Just don't be to relaxed. Working from home is not for everyone and some do not like. While others enjoy working remotely. Treat your morning as if you are going to work. Shower, brush your teeth and stretch and you are ready to work. Don't forget to take a break. You could also do some stretches and move around.